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livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-austin-texas-fashion-style-blogger-south-congress-avenue-sole-society-taupe-clogs-boho-outfit-idea-11 livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-austin-texas-fashion-style-blogger-south-congress-avenue-sole-society-taupe-clogs-boho-outfit-idea-10
Going back to my roots today! Which means…dressing in an ultra cozy, boho vibe. Growing up in Austin means it’s pretty much in my blood to dress casual for every occasion…and I’ve got no complaints there! It’s one of my favorite things about living here – you never feel pressured to get super dolled up. Barely-there makeup, second day hair (…that’s what hats are for! ūüėČ ), some free flowing layers and a fabulous pair of clogs…can you tell I am so ready for spring? Side note: it was 75 degrees when we shot this post, which makes me sooo happy! (Warm enough to order an iced beverage…#yaaas). Austin weather, you are totally CRAY but I sure do love you for providing a little sunshine this week.
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thermal top РUO (wearing xs) / jeans- MADEWELL / cardigan РSOLE SOCIETY  / hat- BRIXTON / shoes РSOLE SOCIETY / handbag РSOLE SOCIETY

The Ultimate Avocado Toast

As we inch closer to the weekend, we’re craving everyone’s favorite trendy meal…avo toast. There’s a reason why it’s so popular, and LL food contributor¬†Jessica Lee¬†is spilling the details on her ultimate avocado toast recipe, plus why it’s about to be your new favorite (easy-to-make-at-home-meal), too…

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Camel Crush

livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-austin-texas-fashion-style-blogger-free-people-oatmeal-knit-sweater-j-crew-camel-coat-chloe-faye-tobacco-handbag-1livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-austin-texas-fashion-style-blogger-free-people-oatmeal-knit-sweater-j-crew-camel-coat-chloe-faye-tobacco-handbag-3Ohh this camel coat…I just can’t get enough! I wasn’t so sure it’d be put to proper use living in Austin, however, it has proven to become a go-to in my wardrobe (…thanks to a rare, cold Texas winter!). While I am SO over the cold and very ready for spring¬†everything¬†(mostly sunshine…ohh how I miss that Vitamin D fix!), I am secretly still loving getting to wear all these beautiful layers. Needless to say, it’s been fun to enjoy winter styling this season!
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coat – J. CREW / jeans – LEVI’S / shoes – (old Forever21) similar FREE PEOPLE¬†/ handbag – CHLOE / sweater – FREE PEOPLE

Road Trip Through Iceland with Noken Travel

livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-travel-lifestyle-blogger-iceland-road-trip-what-to-do-pack-reykjavik-noken-travel-guide-arial-view-skylineHello friends! Ohh the long anticipated Iceland travel diary¬†is finally HERE!¬†In November, I partnered with the wonderful Noken¬†to create a promo video for their OFFICIAL launch! In a nutshell, Noken curates incredible end-to-end trips through Iceland¬†(…and now Colombia, too!) and¬†yes…they do ALL the work (hotels, rental cars, itinerary) and you just get to soak up the magic of this stunning country. I grabbed my two best friends, Elissa & Ben (…y’all probably know them very well by now – my besties since age 15…the best travel trio!) and we ventured to Iceland for a week of road trip bliss starting in Reykjavik and through southern Iceland. To say this was the trip of a lifetime is truly an understatement…I have never seen SO much vast beauty in one country. From driving on an open road (…with no one in sight for miles!) and a changing terrain every 20 minutes (…one minute you’re in a white powdered snow globe, the next in a mossy green lava field) to hiking on a glacier and looking out on giant pieces of ice in the¬†middle of a black sand beach…Noken curated the most magnificent trip!

Sharing more about what we did, as well as a Noken discount code for LL readers (jump on this one, y’all – they plan THE BEST trips!) and the video at the end of this post!
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Design Crush: Brushed Gold Bathroom Fixtures

The thing about moving into house is that you see (and can’t unsee!) all the nooks and crannies you want to change. Though the previous owners of our 1983 abode flipped the inside and did a fabulous job, there are still little elements here and there that aren’t exactly our taste or that could use some improving. Namely: the master bathroom! (…we’re not going to talk about the hallway bathroom juuust yet…that one needs a LOT of work, ha!). Our master bath is absolutely beautiful, BUT the fixtures are definitely funky and not something Blake or I would have chosen on our own. The more we think about what’s next on our list of home updates, the more we both seem to agree that updating the hardware in our bathroom is a must. That said, I’ve been researching (aka spending too much time on Pinterest lately haha) brushed gold bathroom fixtures and wanted to share a few of my faves providing some major inspo!
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My Valentine’s Day Top Picks

What’s on your Valentine’s Day wish list? Jewelry, candles, a silk pillowcase perhaps? (Psst, this pillowcase has amazing reviews and that color is TOO cute!). Blake and I generally keep things pretty simple to celebrate the day – we get each other a sweet gift and card, then make dinner together and cuddle up to¬†a movie at home. He has never been one to love the gift shopping experience, so I make it extra easy and send him a few options (…and he does the same for me). At the top of my list? …Well, really any of these gorgeous goodies listed above! I’ve been eyeing that pretty necklace (#2) for over a year now, though…hey Blake, hint hint! ūüėČ

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Travel Diary: Australia

livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-austin-texas-fashion-travel-lifestyle-blogger-sydney-melbourne-australia-bondi-beach-iceberg-iceburg-pool livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-austin-texas-fashion-travel-lifestyle-blogger-sydney-melbourne-australia-opera-house-tularosa-top-madewell-neck-scarf

Hello, mates! (…just a little something I picked up in Australia… ūüėČ ). This is probably my favorite travel diary to date because OMG Australia was jaw-drop stunning. I’d seen the Pinterest photos and heard the rave reviews from my traveling friends (…flight attendants seem to know best!) and they were 110% correct. Australia is heaven on earth. Kind (and happy!) people, unworldly beaches, the cutest summer¬†clothing¬†and fabulous metropolitan cities¬†throughout. We visited Melbourne for the first three days of our trip, then finished out with a full week in Sydney. My best friend Elissa is a flight attendant for Delta, so we grabbed our other galpal Valerie (also a flight attendant) and decided to trek across the world for 10 days in paradise. Though the 15 hour plane ride is brutal (sharing my tips for this lengthy flight further into this post), as soon as we stepped our feet into the Sydney sand, it was all worth it.
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Outfit details: WHITE SHORTS¬†(wearing size 25) / OTS STRIPED TOP / BIKER SHORTS + CROP TOP SPORTS BRA / HIGH WAIST BIKINI (mine is last season HERE, linking to this years and it’s SO CUTE. Wearing XS in both top + bottoms) / MY FAVORITE WALKING SHOES (give yourself time to break them in!) / STRIPED BIKINI (wearing size US6, I am normally a 0/2 in suits and this brands runs teeny!)

Curry Cauliflower Soup

By Jessica Lee

Austin weather has been all over the place lately. A few days ago I was walking to work, and it was lovely on the way in. I was wearing a light jacket and felt great as I crossed the pedestrian bridge over Lady Bird Lake, listening to my current favorite podcast My Favorite Murder (any other murderinos out there?). Cut to 5pm and I was FREEZING as I walked home. I may need to take Olivia’s advice and work on my layering skills…

Needless to say, cold weather always leaves me craving soup. The beauty of this Curry Cauliflower Soup is that you probably already have most of the ingredients on hand. I almost always pick up cauliflower at the store because I love the nutty taste that comes out when you roast it. Pair that with the zip of curry and turmeric, and you’ve got a really delicious, warming soup. Enjoy!

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Texture Mix

livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-austin-texas-fashion-style-blogger-burnt-orange-corduroy-skirt-bdg-a-line-outfit-4livvyland-blog-olivia-watson-austin-texas-fashion-style-blogger-burnt-orange-corduroy-skirt-bdg-a-line-outfit-5If you’ve been following me for a while, you may have noticed that I have a slight obsession with all things camel, tan and cognac. When I look at my shoe shelf, it’s 90% tan and 10% black and olive – clearly, I’ve got a thing for earth tones and neutrals. I feel like browns are such approachable hues and soften a wardrobe (I love black but sometimes feel like it comes across as too harsh and not feel quite as “me”), while also making it easier to mix and match for years to come.

Recently I’ve been stepping outside my comfort zone when it comes to styling and I love it. Wearing a summer handbag with a corduroy skirt (…a very wintery texture) and cozy sweater may not have been something I’d thought to do last year (…or perhaps that I thought was style faux pas?)…but last week I tried it on in the mirror, liked it and said, done! I’m working on dressing for me¬†and wearing what I feel good in, regardless of what others may think or what’s seasonally acceptable in the fashion world…and I gotta say, it feels good!
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skirt ‚Äď URBAN OUTFITTERS / sweater ‚Äď URBAN OUTFITTERS / handbag ‚Äď ETSY / shoes ‚Äď similar TOPSHOP¬†(mine are old) / neck scarf ‚Äď MADEWELL / sunglasses – RAY BAN

Tiny Moments of Happiness

Artwork by Kimberlee.

As we enter the thick of January, I am holding my “word to live by in¬†2018” close to my heart – b a l a n c e. Which means focusing on the good in life and keeping my cool and taking deep breaths when I begin to feel overwhelmed. I’ve realized that there are SO many small moments of joy that take place throughout the day and it’s easy to take them for granted. But you know what? Those tiny¬†moments of happiness sure do add up and bring a big smile to my face when I think about them.

I love how artwork can share an unspoken message, so my sister and LL contributor Kimberlee illustrated a few of our most beloved¬†happy instances. From “me time” to motherhood (ohh that special bond between mother and child!) and something as simple as scoring a front row parking spot, here are a few of our favorites…
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